Sky Soldiers Foundation, Inc.

2023 Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

Thank you for selecting my granddaughter, Ann J. Day, for one of the 173rd Airborne Brigade scholarships. Maybe I’m a tad biased, but it was a wise choice. Ann is a superb student who will do good things in the years to come. Both her grandfathers served in the military during the Vietnam War. I was an infantry platoon leader with the 173rd in 1967. Her other grandfather, Major Richard Cooper, USAF, was shot down while navigating his B-52 over North Vietnam in December 1972. He was declared MIA and later KIA. Thank you again for selecting her.
Joseph Day
Colonel, US Army/Army Reserve, Terited
Please extend a sincere Thank You to the Scholarship Committee for selecting me as a recipient. It is with my sincerest appreciation to receive this scholarship which enables me to continue with my studies as a Psychology major at North Carolina A&T State University. Again, Thank You!
Drew Young
NCAT Class of '2025