Sky Soldiers Foundation, Inc.

Foundation History

The 173d Airborne Brigade Association started collecting donations for college scholarships in the 1970’s.  Over time this grew into the original scholarship fund as the number of scholarship applications grew.  After 9/11 and the war on terror began, the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team conducted a combat jump into Iraq, which changed the Association’s mission.

The Foundation was then formed in 2006 as an independent 501(c)(3) organization, but with a broader scope which honors and supports past and present Sky Soldiers and their families.

The Sky Soldiers Foundation and the 173d Airborne Brigade Association operate as full partners in providing support for the members of the Sky Soldier community.

Foundation IRS 501(c)(3) determination, IRS 990 filings (please specific year/s), corporation state charter and code of regulations are available by writing to – please specify what documents you are requesting.



Funds and Fund Missions

This fund receives all non-designated donations. It is used to fund support for families of the active duty Sky Soldiers. It is also used to cover operational expenses of the foundation as well as all requests for support that do not fall under any of the other foundation funds. This fund can have temporary dedicated sub-accounts, such as the case of a catastrophic Sky Soldier or family member illness or accident, natural or man-made disasters; or even fund-raising events such as golf tournaments.

Distribution from this fund can be made to the other funds in the case of unusual demand on any of them.

This fund is dedicated to support the Gold Star family members in a variety of ways. It can support them in their immediate time of need or provide funds to attend 173d Airborne Brigade Association events.

The Scholarship Fund has been designated to contain all donations used to support the scholarships awarded by the Sky Soldiers Foundation.  Each year multiple donations are made to Sky Soldiers, their dependents, and Sky Soldier Gold Star members.

This fund is dedicated to support the Sky Soldiers on active duty and their families who reside wherever the brigade is headquartered or deployed. The fund is directed by a foundation vice president who, if possible, are stationed with the brigade headquarters, either on active duty or who had served with the 173rd and now work in direct support of the brigade and live nearby.

This fund supports members of the Association and Sky Soldiers who left active duty service and their families. The Foundation provides support during their challenging times and as an extension of the local chapters functions and member participation. It can be a long term relationship through the cycle of life, living the commitment to never abandon each other.

Once a Sky Soldier is wounded and evacuated out of the combat theater, and the unit notifies the family and the 173d Airborne Brigade Association, the Sky Soldiers Foundation comes on board. This fund is dedicated to facilitate resources not otherwise provided in the care of the Sky Soldier or his immediate family. The Sky Soldiers Foundation comes in as a partner of the 173d Airborne Brigade Association, in particular the local chapter and its members, contributing to the Sky Soldiers healing and recovery and their family’s ability to support their loved ones. The families also have direct assistance from the Sky Soldiers Foundation.