Sky Soldiers Foundation, Inc.

2024 Scholarship Recipients

A special thank you to all of the Scholarship sponsors

     Scholarships of $1,173 awarded to each of 13 recipients presented in alphabetical order:

Sky Soldiers Scholarship Fund designated awards and full scholarship recognition:

                                               *          Scholarship Endowment for 21st Century Sky Soldiers Award

                                               **       L. Wayne Tuttle (Charlie Company 2/503d) Memorial Award

                                               ***     Thomas E. Hummell (Bravo Company 2/503d) Memorial Award

                                               ****    Paul Dinardo Scholarship Award

Anderson, Elizabeth *

Home: New Braunfels, TX

Occupation: Tasking Associate

Sponsor: Chad Anderson

Served 173d Airborne – 2004-2010

Relationship: Child

Texas State University

Field of Study: General Education – History

Benoit, Lucy **


Home: Portland, OR

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Thomas Benoit

Served 173d Airborne – 1969-1970

Relationship: Grandchild

University of Oregon Clark Honors College

Field of Study: Political Science

Cole, Kadyn *

Home: Farmington, MO

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Jeremy Cole

Served 173d Airborne – 2009-2012

Relationship: Child

Saint Louis University

Field of Study: Aeronautical Science/Aviation

Culpepper, Madeleine *

Home: San Antonio, TX

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Timothy Culpepper

Served 173d Airborne – 2004-2008

Relationship: Child

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Field of Study: Sustainable Community Development

Dennison, Aurora ****

Home: Silver Spring, MD

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Daniel DiGregrio

Served 173d Airborne – 1967-1968

Relationship: Grandchild

High Point University

Field of Study: History and Theater

Feyo, Bridget

Home: Rogers, MN

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Arlen Johnson

Served 173d Airborne – 1969-1971

Relationship: Grandchild

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Field of Study: Architecture

Gardner, Kailey

Home: Fairport, NY

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Dennis Gardner

Served 173d Airborne – 1967-1969

Relationship: Grandchild

Corning Community College

Field of Study: Accounting

Gulde, George

Home: Fort Worth, TX

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Edwin Cams

Served 173d Airborne – 1964-1967

Relationship: Grandchild

Texas A&M Honors Engineering

Field of Study: Biomedical Engineering


Jones, Evan

Home: Anderson, SC

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Joseph Evans

Served 173d Airborne – 1967-1968

Relationship: Grandchild

Clemson University

Field of Study: Biochemistry

Reibestein, Cassidy *

Home: Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Jeffrey Reibestein

Served 173d Airborne – 2015-2017

Relationship: Child

University of South Dakota

Field of Study: Medicine

Titel, Olivia

Home: Deforest, WI

Occupation: Sales Associate

Sponsor: Jeffrey Breitzman

Served 173d Airborne – 1968-1969

Relationship: Grandchild

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Field of Study: Psychology/Medicine


Velez, Steven *

Home: Fayetteville, NC

Occupation: Student

Sponsor: Luis Velez-Cortes

Served 173d Airborne – 2011-2013

Relationship: Child

Fayetteville Technical Community College

Field of Study: Information Technology

Williams Estes, Elias ***

Home: Phoenix, AZ

Occupation: U.S. Army

Sponsor: Self

Served 173d Airborne- 2020 – Current

Relationship: Self

University of Maryland Global Campus

Field of Study: Political Science