Sky Soldiers Foundation, Inc.

2020 Scholarships Recipients

The Sky Soldiers Foundation Scholarship Program awards are a living memorial to the Sky Soldiers of the 173d Airborne Brigade who made the supreme sacrifice while in service to our country.

The Scholarship Program recognizes achievement and supports applicants pursuing higher education and demonstrating potential to earn degrees at accredited educational institutions, including technical schools, community colleges, colleges or universities.

2020 has been a challenging year in so many ways. Even though the coronavirus disrupted many educational programs, applicants persevered and showed the ability to navigate adversity.

The Sky Soldiers Foundation is pleased to announce this year’s recipients.

In 2020 the Foundation Scholarship Committee received 19 completed applications, and all of whom are to be commended on their goals and aspirations for higher education. They are the future of our country. Some students are just beginning their college careers, while others are working on advanced degrees. Their areas of chosen study vary widely but their level of commitment is apparent.